Men’s Health: Find out MO!

In the last few weeks I have been learning about health behavioural theories in my Health Promotion class. With these theories, we have been creating local community based disease prevention and health promotion interventions. It is EXTREMELY difficult to change someone’s behaviour but there are many successful interventions out there.

Most people have seen the Movember campaign and know its goal is to increase awareness about health issues men face. As a Health Science student, I sometimes forget that the rest of the population doesn’t think about health as much as I do. Generally, men don’t talk about their mental health or cancers that happen down there. Many times, they wait until it’s too late to find the help they need. This is why I am amazed by the Movember campaign because they have found a somewhat ridiculous way for men to actually talk about health.

I won’t be sporting a stache this month but I am supporting a friend who is. You can donate to his page HERE. Most importantly, read up on the health issues men face HERE and be more aware of the risks, treatments, and prevention strategies.





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